Guidance for Recruitment Exams and Video learning

The next question that is rounded is what about video learning?
Isn't it a great idea?
Isn't that innovative?
Won't I benefit more?
Won't it be more easy to learn?
Guidance for online courses and material

Greatness lies in Working Hard !!
Yes it is innovative idea. But the one who benefits from this innovative idea is the only one who will pocket money from it. Moreover I don't see any good sense in rather watching videos of mathematics & reasoning. The main point is that watching video will only make you little more lazy instead. Watching a question being solved in video is much different from solving a question without help and then verifying it with answers normally given at the back of book. While you watch video you will simply fold ur hands and sit back and meanwhile, nothing worth takes place in your mind. Your speed to solve question will decrease and you will not perform well on the day of exam ! Whereas if you solve questions from book yourself, you will know many more options of solving the same question, you will come to know why one method takes more time than other and why you get a wrong result. In other words even when you work out a question wrongly, you will definitely learn something new! Instead, if you sit back watching videos of being solved everything, you will not learn as much...

Even otherwise it is a more attractive thing.. But attractive things are needed for kids, not those mature people who are searching for jobs! For in jobs there is no video learning everytime! Watching video will also weaken your concentration ability on questions on paper! Each time you revise there are fixed videos uploaded, whatsoever there number may be! But the level of each exam is different depending on which exam you are applying for? If you apply for CAT, you need much greater level, if you apply for PO you need certain level, but applying for clerical certainly needs a very different approach and so are these for different types of exams.. How can all these be covered under videos. Whereas depending on the exam you apply there are different books and magazines available in the market, there are different free forums for discussion online..

Regarding videos for GK and awareness
My reply is isn't the News Channel a video media? Don't you watch news?

Regarding English
You can watch English TV Channel, NEWS channels only as it would solve dual purpose. But still reading is must !

So Now...

The advice is that if you are so much obsessed with watching videos and learning, it is better the sooner you satisfy your desire and come back to the books, the better it is....
It is better to experiment much before exams than in the exam time...
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