Books for Competitive Exam

Should you prefer buying a book or download e-book from net ?
It is always better to buy a good book and study from there. Studies can be supplemented from net, but you cannot depend on computer for the whole thing.

Pros of relying on computer completely
You Save money.

§  You waste much more time.
§  There are so much distractions (tendency to open email and facebook, chat, play game etc)
§  Puts strain on your eyes (costly affair.. go to doctor)
§  Heats up your computer & brings down the life of hardware.. & gradually the system becomes slow.. (add the cost of loss to the hardware.. computer hardware is much more costly than any book in market)
§  Electricity cost (cost of book covered by electricity bill of your extra use on computer)
§  Waste of time (in searching for the link to download.. which you get with most difficulty)
§  Dependent on electricity and Internet Service provider (what if both these fail ?)

Thus I tell you from my experience, buying a book is better than downloading an e-book.

You would decrease the life of your computer & if u are using laptop, think how costly the battery is .. the more battery you use unnecessarily, the more quick it will wash out of its life..

So buy a book from where you get some discount...
Where can you get books at best price and without any difficulty, without travelling much if you are far from market.. How ? Dont feel Lazy ! Check out what I suggest here !


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