Monday, September 12, 2011

Full Forms & Abbreviations for Bank Po Exam - 1

Full Forms ➱ ➱ Article 1

1.     IIFCL stands for India Infrastructure Finance Company Ltd.
2.     ECGC relating to exports stands for Exports Credit Guarantee Corporation of India.
3.     DTAA stands for Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement.
4.     TIEA stands for Tax Information Exchange Agreement.
5.     FIMI stands for Federation of Indian Mineral Industries.
6.     ITBP stands for Indo-Tibetan Border Police.
7.     SCI (referring to shipping Industry) stands for Shipping Corporation of India.
8.     NCMEI stands for National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions.
9.     AMFI stands for Association of Mutual Funds in India.
10.  LERMS stands for Liberalized Exchange Rate Management System.

11.     IDR means Indian Depository Receipts.
12.     CBS stands for Core Banking System.
13.     NPCI stands for National Payments Corporation of India.
14.     NEFT stands for National Electronic Fund Transfer.
15.     RTGS stands for Real Time Gross Settlement.
16.     ULIPS stands for Unit Linked Insurance Policy Scheme.
17.     PPP stands for both Purchase (purchasing) Power Parity as well as Public-Private Partnership.
18.     NHRC stands for National Human Rights Commission.
19.     CBDT stands for Central Board of Direct Taxes.
20.  IGMS stands for Integrated Grievance Management System.
21.  IRDA stands for Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority.
22.  FDI stands for Foreign Direct Investment.
23.  FII stands for Foreign Institutional Investment.
24.  FIPB stands for Foreign Investment Promotion Board.
25.  TAGUP stands for Technology Advisory Group for Unique Projects

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